Care & Concern Groups

The Bethel congregation is divided into 10 different Care & Concern Groups, which meet throughout the year for social fellowship, evangelistic and prayer ministries. Through these groups we have opportunity to get to know each other better and to stay in touch with one another’s joys and concerns. Each group is led by a team of one Elder, one Deacon, and a Coordinator. A Head Coordinator serves to encourage and support this important ministry.
For more information about how to get involved with a group, contact the head coordinator Marianne Bleeker at (712) 439-1974. 
Not sure which group you're in? Log into the Care & Concern group lists page to find out.
Care & Concern Prayer Time

Occurs immediately following the evening worship service during the school year and immediately following the morning worship service during the summer. Times and locations are listed below unless otherwise indicated in Bethel CRC's bulletin.

Group # Group Name Week Location
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Koedam/Boogerd/Van Voorst
Feekes/Moget/De Haan    
Peuse/Van Voorst/Bolkema
Van Ruler/Meyer/Wielenga/Bleeker
Room 9
Room 8
Room 10
Room 11
Room 12
Group 6
Group 7
Group 8
Group 9
Group 10
Van Voorst/Groeneweg/Hoekstra
Mulder/De Jong/Hoogland/Scholten
Forseth/Vreugdenhil/Altena/De Wit
an Veldhuizen/Walstra/Feekes



Room 8
Room 10
Room 11
Room 12
Room 13