ELL Classes

Bethel CRC member Jeniffer Griffith helps Guadalupe Estrada of Sioux Center practice reading English words.
The Bethel CRC Mission and Evangelism Outreach Committee launched our first adult English Language Learning program called PIECE — Partners in Education, Community Outreach & Embracing Diversity — in September 2013.
PIECE offers free courses to community members seeking to learn English. We have 17 volunteer tutors — a mix of community and Bethel CRC members — who are donating one hour of their time each week to participate in this one-on-one tutoring program. The Oxford dictionary is the curriculum being used for each student with the goal of assisting him or her in becoming proficient in speaking, listening, and reading English.
"The idea surged from exploring ways to reach out to our Hispanic neighbors in a way that would meet their needs," said Martha Draayer, co-chair of PIECE. "Many individuals expressed a desire to learn English in a small, structured setting. In our discussion of how to approach this need, Bethel CRC members expressed their desire to learn some Spanish. So we thought offering courses would be a great opportunity to meet the needs of all individuals while teaching each other, learning from one another, and building relationships in Christ." 
This endeavor is new for many of us and we are excited to embark on this journey to see where God leads us and challenges us through experiences we may undergo that may change our attitudes and perspectives.  
Anyone who is willing to teach or learn Spanish is eligible to participate. Want to learn more? Interested in teaching? Contact either Stan Wynia (722-2735) or Martha Draayer (mdraayer@live.com), who are co-chairs for this project.
Community classes
CASA offers a variety of free ELL courses throughout the year. (Clases de ingles en Sioux Center, organizadas por CASA, son gratis.)