Bethel CRC holds different fundraisers throughout the year. Click the links below to find out more about each fundraiser:
Annual Auction
Also called the "Harvest Sale." Takes place the first Wednesday of October in the Sioux Center Christian School gym to help raise money for the Christian education fund.
BEC Food Sales
BEC frozen food sales is a fall fundraiser for the Christian Education Committee. Through this fundraiser anyone can order frozen cookie dough, soups, pizzas, pies, and cheesecakes. If you have any questions, contact the committee.
Covering Silage Piles
Click here to learn more about this fundraiser for the Christian Education fund. Check out 2014 pictures here.
Work Group Support
The Christian Education Committee will supply a group of workers to help serve clean up a location after a wedding and/or wedding reception or serve lunch at funerals for a donation to Bethel CRC Christian education fund. Contact a committee member to learn more.
The Cadets sell sub sandwiches each fall. (Each sub contains: American Cheese, Swiss cheese, Deli Ham, Summer Sausage (not spicy) all on a Casey's Baker bun. Contact Cadet counselor Joel Scholten (722-0624) to find out when the fundraiser is or place your order.
GEMS sell napkins, cards and assorted food itmes each fall. Questions? Contact GEMS counselor Jody Haverhals (712) 441-1296.