Reverse Offering

Thanks to all who agreed to participate in the Reverse Offering challenge! We hope you’re finding the exercise challenging and inspirational.
If you weren’t in church on Sunday morning, June 11th, it’s not too late to particpate! Reach out to a deacon and they’ll get you an envelope.
Now it’s time to start turning in those stories of how you used the $10 of God’s seed money. Consider including the following in your story:
  • How you planted the seed money (put it to use)
  • Any results or feedback you received
  • Something God taught you through the process or through someone you interacted with.


You may return your story in any of these thre convenient ways:

On Sunday, June 11, the deacons handed out $10 bills in envelopes. We wanted to facilitate putting the stewardship sermon series into practice. After all, God not only wants us to hear His Word, but also apply it to our lives. Why $10? The amount isn’t important. God doesn’t need His money back to pay His bills; but sometimes we need reminders. The envelope will have instructions to use the $10 as "seed money" to use for God's Kingdom in some way, and then, using the same envelope or via email to the stewardship committee, we invite you to share how God led you to use the money.

The idea is to encourage our congregation to look for opportunities to bless others – not just in the corporate ways our offerings normally do; but also in the daily ways each of us are called to do. Also, many will rightly view this $10 as "God's money", and we hope this exercise prompts a more accurate view of everything as God's, not just the $10.
Finally, we hope this encourages more sharing of faith stories, as part of Bethel’s faith formation emphasis.
Food for thought: Bruce Wilkinson wrote a book called “The God Pocket.” In it he advocates that Christians should always carry around money that’s designated to be given away in advancing God’s Kingdom. The idea is that if you intentionally carry around money to be used to bless someone else, you will naturally begin to look for more opportunities to do so (“For where your treasure is…”).
As you pray about how God would have you plant His $10 seed money, here are some examples (consider adding some additional funds):
* Purchase a Bible for a "seeker" or non-believer
* Buy some cookie dough and make cookies for a new family in the neighborhood
* Invite a new family over for dinner or Sunday lunch
* Spend time with children deciding how to give time to a local charity, and then pool some funds to donate to that charity in addition to the volunteer hours
* Purchase birthday cards and write them to your care and concern group members over the course of a whole year - write a prayer in each card that God would walk with them in the coming year.
* Purchase sympathy cards and write them to those in the community/church who have lost loved ones
* Purchase new baby cards, etc.
* Pay for the groceries or gas of someone you see struggling at the store or the pump - let them know you've been walking around with money designated to bless someone with, and you felt God's nudge to help them out.
*Pool money with other members and host a neighborhood BBQ this summer, intentionally inviting the unchurched and newcomers to the neighborhood
* Read the news and find somewhere in the world where the Gospel needs to be heard and experienced. Send the money to a Christian missionary or organization (e.g. World Missions, World Renew) working there along with a note of encouragement and your prayers.
*The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are as big as the God we serve.
Let us excel in this grace of giving! If you have questions, please contact a deacon or member of the Stewardship Committee.