Silage Piles

Bethel CRC's Christian Education Committee organizes people each fall to help farmers cover their silage piles. The job consists of spreading a plastic tarp over freshly cut corn, then laying tires over the plastic. There is a certain amount of dirt involved with the job but juice and cookies are often offered to all volunteer hands after the job is done!
This is a great way to support our local farmers and support Christian education at the same time. (We must love it as 2014 is our 7th year we've been doing this fundraiser!)
A few general reminders about silage piles (which we hope to have a good number of in the coming weeks):
*In 2013 covering silage piles helped to raise more than $51,000 for Bethel's Christian Education fund! That is about 15% of the annual budget we need to raise together.
*Many hands make light work! This is a great opportunity for married and singles, old and young, men and women to serve God shoulder-to-shoulder. 
*Please wear proper footwear (tennis shoes or work boots, no cowboy boots or flip flops). 
*Wear jeans, long-sleeved shirts and gloves. 
*We will also need grade school kids who can tie knots when we need to tie the tires together. 
Silage piles are hard work, but a great time spending with members of our Church body working together to support Christian Education!
If you would like to volunteer or are a farmer in need of some volunteer help next year, please contact Todd Van Holland (712-470-2828).