Volunteer Center

Bethel CRC could not function without the many volunteer hours put into its activities and worship services. We value and appreciate all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication, sharing their talents to help the church grow. Stay tuned to our Volunteer Center to learn about new volunteer opportunities throughout the year (and keep in touch with ongoing areas in need of volunteers).

Highlights within Bethel CRC:


Nursery seeks helpers of all ages
Youth, college students and families are eligible to volunteer in our nursery. Responsibilities include:
  • Adult workers (post high school) usually get on the schedule once every three months.
  • Kid workers usually get on the schedule once a month.
  • Kids are usually invited to start working in the nursery in fourth grade, but some kids may start a little earlier than that if appropriate and anyone can start later.
  • Every Sunday morning there are usually two kids with one adult in each of the infant and toddler nurseries (although the two nurseries usually join together).
  • During evening services, there are usually two adults with one kid in the nursery as we just use one nursery at night.
  • Families (mom, dad and kids) can work in the nursery together with one additional assigned kid worker – they usually get on the schedule once every four months and only in the evenings.
Contact a member of the nursery committee to learn more:
  • Heather Negen -(712) 439-1635; heathervos_01@hotmail.com
  • Dani Postma - (712) 441-0309; danipostma@yahoo.com
  • Renee Saarloos - (321) 230-3901; renee.saarloos@gmail.com


Become 'Welcome Center' host
Bethel CRC has church members assigned to take turns as greeters before each service, but there are also separate "Welcome Center" greeters. This volunteer group of people currently consists of five couples, who have taken turns for about 2-3 years.
The idea of having Welcome Center greeters started with a discussion about having some additional greeters roaming the Narthex around the Welcome Center, who would be comfortable and intentional about talking with new people in church and who might seek out more of a conversation instead of just a handshake with a “good morning” or “good evening.” These intentional greeters receive a name tag/lanyard to wear on their scheduled Sunday, arrive ½ hour before church starts, and look to meet and greet and answer questions for visitors.
This volunteer group is small, and we are looking to grow, If you are interested in and are comfortable seeking out and talking with visitors, please contact Kyle & Ashley Wynia or any member of the Hospitality Committee.
ELL teachers needed
Bethel CRC needs volunteers to tutor Spanish- speaking adults once a week. You do not need to speak Spanish. Training is provided. Sessions are 1:1. Learn some Spanish while teaching English AND to get to know someone new! Contact Martha Draayer mdraayer@live.com or 712-441-6749. 
Also learn more about the program by checking out its page!