Church Committees

God gave His people a multitude of talents. "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10
Bethel CRC has a variety of committees through which people can do just that. Click on each committee below to learn more about each one:
Pulpit Supply Committee

Eric Forseth and Lyle Vande Kamp  

The pulpit supply committee is normally made up of the Council President and Council Clerk.
The only responsibility of the pulpit supply committee has is to arrange for ordained or lay pastors to fill Bethel CRC's pulpit and open God's word for us when our current preaching staff is not available. As a Council, we try to keep Pastor John Lee to a schedule of six services per four-week month, and we try to allow Visiting Pastor Duane Tinklenberg a service per month. However vacations, workload considerations, and Pastor Tinklenberg's preaching schedule in other churches require us to arrange for pulpit supply 2-3 services every couple months.
As a committee, we're thankful for the large number of gifted pastors in our immediate area and the resources available to us through Dordt and Northwestern colleges.
While, it still may take a number of calls and e-mails to find a pastor for a particular service, it's a much easier job than it might be if we were located in other areas of the country.  An enjoyable part of this work is also being able to make arrangements that bring to our pulpit pastors who have connections to our congregation or to individuals within our congregation.
We strongly encourage anyone who has thoughts on pastors who could fill our pulpit in the future to one of the current committee members.
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