Church Committees

God gave His people a multitude of talents. "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10
Bethel CRC has a variety of committees through which people can do just that. Click on each committee below to learn more about each one:
Worship Committee

Pastor John Lee (chair), Deb Feekes, Jennifer Frens, Emma Gulker, Melissa Gulker, Martha Hulshof, Mary Jo Lee, Ema McBrayer, Brandee Moret, Dani Postma, Karen Van Schouwen, Gerald Van Voorst, Jeff Van Voorst, Ashley Wynia, Karen Wynia, Cole Wynja

Why do we have a worship committee? Can’t the pastor just preach and pick out a few songs for each service? To help answer these questions, let’s examine the statement of purpose:
“The goal of the Worship Committee is to bring the whole community of God’s people — young children, young people, young adults, middle-age adults and elderly adults — together in worship. While traditional ways of worship are meaningful for some, it may not be as meaningful for others...The coming together of the historical and the contemporary is called ‘blended’ or ‘convergent’ worship.”
What is worship?
Worship is about proclaiming the glory of God; He alone is worthy of our worship. As we worship together, we pray that we will be taught by the Word, inspired by the Spirit, united by love and equipped for our mission. We remember that worship is not simply about what we “like” or “don’t like.” We pray that our worship at Bethel CRC is all about praising our triune God and honoring our Lord Jesus Christ!

The worship committee assists the pastor, whether our own or a guest, in planning services. When committee members plan music and other details of the service, it frees the pastor to spend his time in study and sermon preparation. Not all pastors have musical gifts or the desire to plan all of a service, in addition to their sermon.
In reformed worship, God’s Word is central. Worship planners work to fit all elements of the service to the central scriptural theme so everything done will enhance the preaching of the Word. We want the entire service to drive the Biblical message home.
We recognize that there are many ways to worship God and many styles of music for worship. So we strive to blend various approaches, instruments, and styles in our services; if not in every service, then incorporating different ideas over time. Worship must be meaningful for a diverse body by including members of various ages and personal responses. We all sacrifice our own opinions and tastes at times for the unity of the body and the benefit of other members. God delights in the praise of all His people worshiping Him in unity!
Bethel CRC’s worship committee usually meets 7 p.m. the first Wednesday evening of each month. Members take turns leading devotions, then Pastor John guides our discussion, following the agenda. We review the services of the past month and discuss details that add to or detract from true worship. Then we preview the calendar of coming services, do some initial planning, and assign volunteers to work on specifics.
The worship committee plans services, schedules/rehearses with worship teams, communicates with pastors/musicians/guest groups, finds appropriate readings/litanies, and encourages the members of Christ’s body to use their gifts in worship.
The worship committee welcomes feedback and new members! If interested, feel free to join us to observe a meeting and consider becoming a worship planner. Without setting term limits for worship committee members, except the two elders who serve, we trust the Spirit to lead individuals in and out of this group. Members gain experience, which benefits everyone.
Contact any member of this committee to learn more, ask question or to join!
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