Christian Education

Why support Christian education?

"The CRC (Christian Reformed Church) as a covenantal community is committed to Christian schools as the social agent that can make Christian education effective in the totality of life. The church instructs its youth in the fundamentals of the Christian faith by teaching from the creeds and confessions as part of its church education programs. Though the CRC does not own and operate Christian day schools, it affirms that Christian school education is a communal as well as a parental responsibility. Churches and groups of churches are therefore encouraged to provide congregational support so that the church’s children can be educated in a way that acknowledges the lordship of Jesus Christ in all subject areas. After adopting a report on Christian day school education in 2005, synod recommended that church members be involved in establishing and maintaining Christian schools that teach the biblical, Reformed vision of Christ’s lordship over all creation." (Read more about the CRC perspective on Christian education.)

Local Christian schools supported by Bethel CRC are:
Sioux Center Christian School — serves TK-8th grade students in Sioux Center.
Orange City Christian School — serves preschool-8th grade students in Orange City.
Ireton Christian School — serves reschool-8th grade students in Ireton.
Hull Christian School — serves preschool-8th grade students in Hull.
Unity Christian High School — located in Orange City; serves 9th-12th-grade students from Christian grade schools schools primarily in Orange City, Sioux Center, Ireton, Maurice, Hospers and Sanborn.
Western Christian High School — located in Hull; serves 9th-12th-grade students from Christian grade schools in primarily in Hull, Rock Valley, Doon, Sioux Center and Sheldon.
Bethel CRC's Christian Education Committee organizes various fundraisers to help raise money for Christian education. Learn more here.