Farmer to Farmer

"Farmer-to-Farmer (Nicaragua) began in 2002 with a shared vision to empower landless Nicaraguan farmers in the areas around Matagalpa and Boaco. Today, this partnership includes more than 100 farmers operating on seven shared land banks. They also expand their businesses with training; sustainable farming; and access to capital to purchase seed, equipment, and property. As a result of the training, many now grow high-value crops, roast and export coffee, and have installed community water systems. Since 2002, North American partners with experience in agricultural production have offered mentoring and encouragement in their shared language—a mutual love for the land." (Learn more through Partners Worldwide)
Bethel CRC became connected with Farmer to Farmer through a number of God-orchestrated steps over a number of years.  It started with a daughter of the church going on a mission trip to Nicaragua while attending Dordt College. When she then moved to Managua, Nicaragua, to teach at Nicaragua Christian Academy, her parents visited her and realized their own desire to get involved in missions to Nicaragua. For two years they helped organize mission trips with members of Bethel to help build additions onto Nicaragua Christian Academy.  The team members got to know Nicaragua’s CRC missionaries who had a vision to start a program called "Land for Landless Farmers." Because of the agricultural connection between Iowa and this vision to work with the farmers in Nicaragua, God created the foundation for the Farmer to Farmer program to begin. The ‘work’ teams evolved into ‘farmer to farmer’ teams, who, instead of building ‘buildings,' began building ‘relationships’ with the Nicaraguan farmers involved in the Farmer to Farmer program. Those relationships are now the core to God’s work through this program.
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