Axis Parent Resource Kit


Q: What is AXIS?
A: A powerful parenting teaching tool for families, parents, pastors, leaders and teenagers. Since 2007, AXIS has seen consistent patterns and crafted what it thinks is an effective and efficient model of conversation.
It’s called the One Conversation Model.
All of our resources go through the filter of the One Conversation Model to help you have conversations with your students.
Q: What's included in this tool?
A: Four main features:
1) The Culture Translator Premium (CTP): This is a weekly newsletter about cultural trends in your teens world.
2) Parent’s Guides, which is a pdf of research and information on more than 80 topics your youth may be facing.
3) Axis Summits, which include more than 200 interviews of experts and speakers teaching about topics relating to youth culture.
4) Conversation Kits include 15 video conversation starters to help lay out a path for you and your teen to talk about certain issues.


Q: How can we access this?
A: This yearly subscription to AXIS was purchased jointly by Young Peoples Society and the deacons. Log in to find out how you can access the information.