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Robles roofing project

August 30, 2018
By Renee Wielenga
Miguel and Nancy Robles and their five children are beyond grateful for the help they received from Bethel CRC. The Sioux Center family, who lives in the yellow house across the highway from the church, had blue tarps on their roof for almost two years due to a roofing job gone bad.
“We saved a long time and found out later who we hired charged us more than they needed to and didn’t do the job right,” Miquel said.
That led to their family and others who used this person’s service to file a lawsuit, but the former business owner can’t be found. The Robles family was left with a leaky roof. Their entire upstairs has been gutted due to the severity of the leak.
When Bethel CRC member Jacob Moret, owner of Moret Construction, asked Pastor John Lee last spring about a service project opportunity, Pastor John pointed out the church window to this Robles’ home.
Ultimately, Bethel CRC donated the materials. Moret Construction and Do-All Roofing (owned by Bethel CRC member Joel Scholten) provided labor along with the help of Miguel for the two-day project Aug. 21-22.
“It’s overwhelming this help,” Miguel said. “It took us a long time to save the first time and thought we might have to move. Now we can stay.”
Robles home prior to the roofing project.
Miguel Robles (right) helping with the re-roofing project.
Moret Construction and Do-All Roofing, two businesses owned by Bethel CRC members, provided labor along with the help of Miguel for the two-da yroofing project Aug. 21-22.


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