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Update from Nicaragua

June 14, 2018
By Karen Wynia
A message from Rolando, the missionary we support in Nicaragua:

“Dear Friends at Bethel Church,
We highly appreciate your prayers for this difficult time for us in Nicaragua. For the last 52 days, Nicaragua has suffered a period of protests and repression from the government. The people of Nicaragua have lost confidence in the president and are demanding he and his wife step down from office.  He is resisting and the people continue to protest. 127 people have been killed and each day more lives are needlessly killed. There are many barricades in the city and on the highways greatly hampering any travel.  Because of this situation, we have not been able to conduct our monthly visit to the Women's Prison located in Tipitapa. Our church services have been suspended at least three times this month. Yesterday we visited with some families from our church and learned that some families are out of food, so prepared some food to feed the hungry children.”

Continue to pray for the end to violence, that the presidential couple will step down, and that the democratic process may once again bring peace to Nicaragua.
“Answer us when we call to you, O my righteous God. Give us relief from our distress; be merciful to us and hear our prayer.”  Ps 4:1