Inclement Weather Policy

  1. In the event of severe weather on a Sunday or other day when church events are scheduled, cancellations will be announced on KSUO (1090 AM, 93.9 FM) and KDCR (88.5 FM) as well as the Bethel Prayerline e-mail list. Notice of cancellation will also be posted on the Bethel website ( and the Bethel Facebook page (bethelcrcsiouxcenter). We will try to announce cancellations at least two hours prior to the event (by 8 a.m. for Sunday morning services).
  2. In the event of inclement weather during office hours, the church office will be open at the discretion of church staff. Please call to verify if anyone is present.
  3. In the case of sudden severe weather use your best judgment. Church services and other events are always canceled in the case of a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service for Sioux County, when the warning extends past the beginning time of the worship service or mid-week activity.
  4. In the event that school is cancelled or has an early out due to inclement weather, there will be no Youth Group, GEMS, or Cadets.  
  5. All other committees or Bible studies will use their own discretion in determining whether they will cancel their meeting due to inclement weather. They also will communicate to their members when a cancellation occurs.
  6. In all cases, please use your personal discretion to determine if it is safe for you to leave your home and travel to church.
  7. Cancellations shall be determined by the President of Council in consultation with Dave Van Holland, and the Senior Pastor. The President of Council will contact the local radio stations and the Bethel Administrative Assistant. The Administrative Assistant will send out a prayer line e-mail and update the webpage and social media. 
  8. In the event of sudden severe weather during church activities, please move from the sanctuary into the interior Sunday School rooms, office area, bathrooms, or interior hallway.